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Size guide


10 50 mm 15,9 mm
11 51 mm 16.2 mm
12 52 mm 16.5 mm
13 53 mm to 16.8 mm
14 54 mm to 17.1 mm
15 55 mm 17,4 mm
16 56 mm 17.8 mm
17 57 mm 18.0 mm
18 58 mm 18,4 mm
19 59 mm by 18.7 mm
20 60 mm 19.0 mm


Aspects that we must take into account when choosing the size of the ring:

1. Often we do not have the same size in the left hand than in the right.
2. Temperature influences taking measurements of the finger. The more heat, the more swollen they are.
3. In the morning the fingers tend to be thinner than at night.

How to measure length:
1. Take a strip of thin paper or a thread and wrap around the finger you want to measure.
2. Check that the strip of paper / thread can enter and exit through the knuckles.
3. Cut the strip of paper / thread and measure it.
4. You already have the length in mm

How to measure diameter:
1. Grab a ring that will go well with size.
2. Measure with a rule the central part of the same.
3. Keep in mind that you should measure the inner part.
4. You already have the length in mm.