Basic jewelry care


How to keep your jewelry:

1-Contact with chemicals may be a preliminary ruling for some stones and may stain metals.
2-Avoid contact with perfumes, lacquers and shampoo.
3-Always clean your part after use, only with a clean, dry cloth.
4-Do not allow your jewellery to come into contact with each other or with other metals, to avoid physical damage (risks or bankruptcy).
5-The use of relevant condition, such as bags, boxes, leather or woven bags and bags are ideal.
6-The stones are natural, neither is the same, and variations of colors and sizes can occur. That makes it a unique and special piece.


Jewelry care tips:

1-The contact with chemical products can be a preliminary ruling for some stones and can mark the metals.
2-Avoid the contact with lotion, perfumes, hairspray and shampoo.
3-When undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft and dry.
4-It is vital that every piece of jewelry has its own place, to prevent your jewelry or its settings from being scratched, and to prevent it from other damaging jewelry pieces.
5- Store in a secure container with a fabric lining and cotton pads. This will help minimize movement or hitting the sides of the storage container. Another way to store your jewelry is in boxes with compartments or in separate zipper pouches.
6-The stones are natural, no equal to another and there may be variations in colors and sizes. That's what makes it a unique and special piece.