Most semi-precious stones contain only one color. The different tones produce stimulations in our body that help us to channel emotions and feelings.
There are different ranges and each one of them provokes something different, some power and sophistication, others passion, etc ... Their meaning has an impact on why we prefer one tone and not another.
In NUNU We believe in the power of color and that is why we wanted to produce a collection of jewels made from stones of different shades. Discover what is yours!


Next we will tell you the meanings of seven different tones that are what make up the collection of stone collection. We will start with black and continue with white, sthus following a chroma orderown attic.

  • The iconic black color represents power, elegance, sophistication and mystery… Also authority. That's why big brands like Chanel, Loewe and Prada use it in their logos.
    NUNU offers you several jewelery options with this stone, one of them are theStylus earrings. Made with a zamak base and a five-thousandth 18-karat gold plating. The wonderful basic for any woman.

  • The white range is associated with purity. It confers tranquility and union. Figure transparency, clarity and light. We love the Stones necklace. It contains a 45 cm brass chain, the base of the Zamak pendants and afive thousandths plating in 18 karat gold.

  • Red is a color that we often use to attract attention. This tone is very intense and we associate it with strong emotions such as passion, vitality and danger.It is a tone that adds strength to your day to day.If you are looking for a jewel that contains all this and more, we propose the choker Mars.With a Zamak base and a five-thousandth 18-karat gold plating. It is the perfect piece for you.
  • The pink hue is mainly associated with femininity, play and immaturity. It is associated with romanticism, homey sensations, and warmth. Our option is Twenties bracelet. Made with a brass and zamak base and a five-thousandth 18-karat gold plating. It is the excellent jewel to evoke the high jewelery of the famous 1920s.

  • Brown is the color of the earth. It is related to comfort and safety.We show you the Mars bracelet. The base is made of zamak and has a five-thousandth 18-karat gold plating.

  • The range of greens represents nature. It is associated with hope and relaxation. You can find it in the ring Three stones. Produced with a Zamak base and a five-thousandth 18-karat gold plating. Its imposing design is great to give serenity to your look.

  • Blue is a color that we closely associate with the sky and the sea. It transmits security, confidence, stability and calm ... If you are looking for a piece that contains this stone we offer you the Aranjuez earrings. It contains a zamak base and is plated with five thousandths in 18-karat gold. A unique treasure both for its shape and composition, transmitting decision in your outfit.
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